Creative Services

The Food Photo Agency is organized to ensure any – all – current and prospective clients are treated in a professional manner – that all of their creative objectives materialize in a seamless, productive manner.

Commercial Photographers

The Food Photo Agency represents commercial photographers for agencies and corporate clients, providing flexible creative services for a diverse professional community.   Our photographers specialize in a variety of styles, creative approaches, and genres, and are experienced professionals for in-studio, on-location, and with various settings for photo shoots.

Prop Styling

The Food Photo Agency offers prop styling services for in studio and on location photography to current and prospective clients.   Our talented stylists have years of experience working for top advertising agencies and brands. Specializing in interior styling, tabletop styling and lifestyle styling for commercial advertising and editorial photo shoots.

Food and Beverage Photography

The Food Photo Agency offers Food and Beverage Photography for in studio and location photo shoots within the United States.  Our team works with advertising agencies, publications, top restaurants and brands such as Taco Cabana, Jamba Juice,  Ignite Restaurant Group,  Tyson Foods, Minute Made and Nestle. Specializing in tabletop photography, restaurant and location photography, motion photography and social media photography.

Restaurants, Locations, and Lifestyle Photography

The Food Photo Agency is successful because it encompasses all genres of food-related photography and motion.  On location restaurant interiors and food, chef portraits, lifestyle, tabletop, still life, social media, tabletop film and motion graphic design.  We specialize in providing clients with an expressionistic, complementary branded visual message that captures the essence of a client’s creative wants.

Motion Photography

The Food Photo Agency can assist clients with all of their Motion Photography objectives. We specialize in tabletop, high speed, stop-motion, cinemagraphs and animated .gifs.

Social Media Photography, Written Content, and Networking

The Food Photo Agency also specializes in assisting creative agencies and corporate groups with their individual needs (or their clients’ needs) as it pertains to social media photography, written content, and even social media networking/marketing.